Summer terrace – an oasis of calm and beauty

Summer terrace of the restaurant “Noah’s Ark” will give you hours of quiet rest in the center of the bustling capital and enjoy delicious food.

Dishes at Noah’s Ark restaurant are a combination of ancient traditional recipes, organic products grown on the foothills and methods of their processing. The chef has created a unique menu, where modern hits of southern cuisine, which are no less popular among the guests of the restaurant, were added to the classic treats of the Ararat valley.

Almost every dish in the restaurant has its own history and legend. For example, the name of the specialty “Kare-kyufta” comes from the word “Kar” or “Khar”, which is translated from Armenian as a stone. It is about him before beat the best veal or beef to achieve maximum softness. The Noah’s Ark recreated the consistency of this meat pudding, adding piquancy, thanks to juicy tomatoes and fragrant Basil. The meat itself was brought from the farmland of Ararat valley, and choosing at its discretion the method of cooking, boiled or fried, the guest will be able to appreciate the special taste of the famous old dishes.

In the restaurant menu, in addition to a large number of classic dishes: homos, khaviar, eggplant caviar, kutab, lobby and meat, you can find exclusive offers, such as “Ishkhan” — Sevan trout, which lives exclusively in Armenia.

On the summer terrace football fans can watch all the games of their favorite teams on TV.